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Probate refers to the court’s process of reading and carrying out of a deceased person’s (“decedent”) will. It is the court’s official acknowledgment of their death and final wishes. The will can be contested before or after this process. Unfortunately, the process of probate can be a frustrating and prolonged process when families are already trying to cope with their loved one’s passing. Our Dallas probate attorney can work with you to efficiently carry out your loved one’s final wishes so you can heal.

Independent & Dependent Administration of Estates

When you hire Kamuche Law Firm, PLLC, we can pursue an independent administration of estates to probate your loved one's will more efficiently. This essentially allows the executor of the will more freedom to carry out the will with less court supervision. The executor still needs to report an inventory of assets to the court and must also publish a notice to possible creditors, however.

In an independent administration, the executor does not depend on the court to carry out certain actions such as:

  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Pulling out family allowances
  • Selling estate properties
  • Paying the decedent’s debts

The executor also does not need to post bond, which protects the beneficiaries’ assets in the event of fraudulent behavior from the executor. For this reason, all the beneficiaries must agree to pursue an independent administration of estates.

The alternative is a dependent administration of estates where the court supervises the carrying out of the will more closely, lengthening the process.

Muniment of Title

Another option is muniment of title. If you and your family decide to take this option, your Dallas probate attorney can help you to pursue that path. If it is approved, that means that the court allows the will to function as evidence that that the beneficiaries are entitled to their assets. After about six months, your lawyer will follow up with an affidavit to be filed with the court that details which beneficiaries have received their assets.

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