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Challenging the Texas CPS

Most of the work the Texas Child Protective Service does is done to protect young kids from abuse. While the work CPS performs is overwhelmingly well-intentioned, they are not psychic. They are required to investigate all credible claims to the fullest extent because they have no way of knowing ahead of time what is and is not true. Whether you are simply the victim of a misunderstanding or a family member or former spouse is trying to discredit you intentionally, you need to take decisive legal action to protect your children and your parental rights.

Some scenarios that constitute child abuse include:

  • Inflicting mental or emotional abuse
  • Failure to reasonably intervene while witnessing abuse
  • Physical injury
  • Controlled substances
  • Sexual abuse
  • Exploitation
  • Verbal abuse

If you receive a call from CPS, speak politely and graciously with them. Then, as soon as you have a chance, call a lawyer. Our Dallas child welfare attorney has extensive experience in this area of the law and can help you navigate the challenges ahead.

Can They Take Away My Child Without a Warrant?

Yes. The CPS is able to take away your child without a warrant. However, they must send you a court order with the date and time of your removal hearing within 14 days of your child being taken away. If you lose the hearing, the CPS may remove your parental rights and your child could end up in foster care or could end up adopted by someone else. At that point, it is crucial to bring in legal help.

Tiffany Kamuche has a background of working with children in the foster system and helping children move beyond challenging situations is what drove her to pursue law. She has numerous success stories and most of all she has a passion and expertise for this area of law. Hiring her team of professionals means exchanging your stress for peace of mind because you will have a skilled child welfare attorney in Dallas fighting for your family with the same level of investment that you have.

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