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Determining child custody is usually the most heart-wrenching aspect of a divorce case—for everyone involved. At Kamuche Law Firm, PLLC, we understand this and are here for you. Our passion is fighting for the best interests of your children, ensuring that their voices are heard and that they receive the best possible legal outcome. From the moment our clients walk through our doors, we engage in honest transparency and compassion. Let our experienced Dallas child custody attorney worry about the paperwork and logistics of the case so you can focus on your kids.

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Conservatorship in Texas

In Texas, the term “conservatorship” is used instead of “custody” in Texas law. When a parent or parents have custody over a child, they would be called “conservators”. A judge can award sole conservatorship or joint conservatorship, which applies to both legal and physical custody matters.

Legal vs. Physical Custody

Legal custody (or conservatorship) is when a parent has the right and responsibility to make the important decisions regarding the life of the child. These types of decisions include religious activities, extracurricular activities, education, medical choices, etc.

Physical custody (or conservatorship) simply refers to which parent the child will live with.

Sole vs. Joint Custody

Sole custody (or conservatorship) is when one parent has the full right and responsibility to legal and/or physical custody.

Joint custody (or conservatorship) is when both parents share this right and responsibility to legal and/or physical custody.

What to Expect

Child custody is determined by the judge based on a number of factors. First, as a base rule, the Texas Family Code presumes that the biological parents share the rights and duty of care over their children. This does not mean, of course, that parents always get joint custody of their child in a divorce. The judge considers which parent can provide the most supportive and comfortable home when granting physical custody.

Judges consider various factors with each parent such as:

  • The child’s relationship with them
  • Financial stability
  • Emotional reliability
  • Mental fitness
  • Controlled substance usage
  • Geographical location

Setting You Up for Success

There is a great deal of preparation that goes into a successful case, but one of the most straightforward things you can do is to present yourself in a polished and respectful manner. Making sure you appear at each court session on time and prepared can make a huge difference. Your trusted attorney in Dallas works hard to make sure all your paperwork and procedures are carefully completed on time for this reason.

Also, make sure you obey all the visitation and custody orders. It might be helpful for you to put together a parenting plan to show the judge how you plan to take care of your child. If you can put this together with the other parent in an amicable way, it may cut down your time in the courtroom. Behaving respectfully to the other parent can be difficult in the heat of the moment, but doing so can demonstrate to both the judge and your child that you are able to be mature and respectful for the good of the child.

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