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When a family decides that they want to adopt a child to be a part of their family, it is a beautiful moment for everyone involved. However, it is far from a simple process, and successfully bringing your child home will take a great deal of skilled legal assistance from a dedicated Dallas adoption attorney. Because adoption laws are so complex and tend to vary from state to state, it is critically important to have a lawyer on your side. At Kamuche Law Firm, PLLC, we have years of experience helping families just like yours.

Adoptive parents will be expected to complete numerous types of paperwork, including a home study. This will require information on things like:

  • Financial issues
  • Marital history
  • Conviction records
  • Serious medical conditions
  • Your plans for supporting the child

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Private Adoptions

In a private adoption, the adopting parents decide to go through an attorney instead of through the adoption agency. This usually means that you receive adoption rights directly through the birth parents, instead of through an adoption agency. This may result in shorter waiting periods and fewer agency-imposed standards. In fact, many private adoption parents receive their new infant directly discharged from the hospital after he or she is born.

Some drawbacks of private adoptions:

  • Finding a match between adopting parents and birth parents can take years.
  • After being chosen, the consent for adoption is not finalized until after the baby is born,.
  • Some mothers decide not to go through with the adoption after their child is born.

However, these drawbacks are worth it to many adopting parents who want a connection with the birth mother of their future child.

Family Adoption

Also known as kinship or relative adoption, this type is common for many young parents with unplanned pregnancies. Having an unplanned pregnancy can be a frightening experience, and the idea of placing the child with relatives or close friends who the parents know and trust can help ease an unsettling situation. While legal and agency involvement is not necessarily required for kinship care, if the birth mother wishes to place her child permanently with a family member in kinship adoption, she should consider consulting our experienced Dallas attorney.

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