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Domestic abuse is defined as any act or serious threat of harm intended to hurt a member of the same household or family. At Kamuche Law Firm, PLLC, our domestic violence lawyer in Dallas is prepared to act swiftly to protect you and your family. If you or your children are a victim of domestic abuse, and there is any likelihood that it may happen again, then do not hesitate to file for a protective order.

What Does a Protective Order Actually Do?

A protective order acts as a deterrent by legally restricting the subject of the protective order from coming into proximity with you, your children or your property. While a protective order cannot physically stop someone from coming to you and hurting you, violating one’s protective order is a criminal and/or civil offense—depending on how he or she violated it— that comes with severe consequences.

A protective order may contain specific orders of restriction such as:

  • Their proximity to a specific daycare, school, or home
  • Stalking or threatening certain individuals
  • Ability to throw away or sell certain items of property
  • Visitation of a child
  • Carrying a gun

It may also require them to pay spousal support or attend counseling.

How Do I File for a Protective Order in Texas?

Filing for a protective order in Texas is free and simple. If you are going through a divorce, simply go to the same courthouse your divorce is filed and ask for an application for a protective order. If you have not filed for a divorce, go to the courthouse nearest to you and ask for an application for a protective order. You will not be charged for the application. If you fear you are under immediate threat of danger, you may want to also file for a “temporary ex parte protective order” which goes into effect as soon as it is filed. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should also report your attacker to the police so they can arrest him or her immediately.

You deserve protection and you deserve a voice. Call our compassionate and understanding Dallas lawyers for domestic violence at (214) 273-6959 today.

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